Bombs Away Bombs Away (1).jpg Bombs Away (2).jpg Bombs Away (3).jpg Bombs Away (5).jpg Bombs Away (4).jpg Raku Bomb 1.jpg TDT-1 (1).jpg TDT-2 (1).jpg Nuke  (1).jpg Bomb 1.JPG Shark  (1).JPG Shark (2).JPG Shark (3).JPG Raku Bomb 2.jpg Raku Bomb 3.jpg Raku Bomb 4.jpg Raku Bomb 5.jpg Raku Bomb 6.jpg Raku Bomb 7.jpg Raku Bomb 8.jpg Raku Bomb 9.jpg Raku Bomb 10.jpg Raku Bomb 11.jpg Raku Bomb 12.jpg Raku Bomb 13.jpg Raku Bomb 14.jpg Raku Bomb 15.jpg Raku Bomb 16.jpg Raku Bomb 17.jpg Raku Bomb 18.jpg Raku Bomb 19.jpg TDB (1).jpg Smile.jpg

All images and content © 2015 Thomas Dang

Much of my earlier training exercises involved Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) suits and gas masks to prepare us for imminent biological and chemical agent exposure. The study of pathogenic organisms has become a direct point of departure in this installation. Connections drawn from my military experience as well as my studies in microbiology are visually manifested. Though my work may elicit many different perspectives, my goal is not to extend a political viewpoint on war but to expound upon my experiences of combat.

The Bombs Away installation is a symbol that addresses the cynical comedy of warfare and articulates the metaphors of biological and chemical weapons. The individual pieces are representations of projectile weapons that emulate the intense and hostile gestures which embody my experiences in combat.